Windows 7 Networking Tutorial

Homegroup password is automatically generated during the creation process of homegroup. Windows uses random letters, numbers and symbols to generate the homegroup password that makes it fairly complex and hard to memorize. To add more insult to injury, Windows does not give us an opportunity to change it during the setup process. But there is the way that allows us to replace this random password with our own password. In this article we will explain this process with example.

Change homegroup password

Click Start button and click Control panel

start button control panel

Click Choose homegroup and sharing options

homegroup and sharing options

Click Change the password

change homegroup password link

Homegroup password is a security token to access the shared resources. If we change it, all shared resources will become unavailable until other computers of group update their homegroup password. Make sure you update homegroup password on all member computers. Click Change the password

change homegroup password

Again Windows will automatically generate a new complex password. But this time we have an opportunity to change it.

default homegroup password

Type your own password and click Next

type new homegroup password

Window will update the homegroup password. Wait for few seconds.

changing homegroup password

Click Finish.

changed homegroup password

Bingo we have our own homegroup password.