Windows 7 Networking Tutorial

When a Windows 7 system first time connects with internet or network, it automatically pops up the network location wizard. This wizard prompts user to select appropriate location of system in network. Based on selection wizard automatically configures the essentials setting. This wizard can be used to create the new homegroup. It is called auto initiating of homegroup. In this article we will explains this process in detail.

Auto initiating of Homegroup

When you first time connect Windows 7 system with network or internet, it automatically tries to configure the essential network settings based on the location. It pops up the following window to select the network location.

Homegroup network location selection wizard

Sharing and Security work inversely. If we increase one other will be drop. For easy sharing we have to alleviate the security. For higher security we have to go with complex sharing. Based on this vice versa relationship wizard presents three options to choose.

Home Network: -
For this location Windows assumes that all computers belongs to personal network and you can track them individually. For personal network Windows applies settings those are mainly focused for easy sharing.

Work Network: -
In this location Windows assumes that all computers belongs to work place. Windows will increase the security level in such a way that sharing still remains easy. For this of network Windows will apply settings those have balance of sharing and security.

Public Network: -
For this location Windows assumes that all computers belongs to public network. Open Wi-Fi network, railways, shopping mall are the examples of public network. In this type of network security is primary concern. Windows will applies setting those mainly aimed for security.

In this tutorial we are setting up a Home Network, so click Home Network and wait for few minutes. Wizard will scan the network for existing homegroup.

homegroup setup wizard scaning

If you don't see the following window spotting the words Create a Homegroup, your Homegroup is already set up on this PC. You can change its setting instead of creating new one. If you still need a new homegroup, you have to remove the existing one. In our network this is the first homegroup so it will not find any other.

Click Create a homegroup

create a homegroup

Windows will automatically share following folders. If you don't want to share any of these folders, uncheck the box. Selected folders will be visible and accessible to other computers connected to your HomeGroup.

Folder Name Path Permission
My Pictures %Username%\Pictures Read
Public Pictures %Public%\Pictures Read/Write
My Music %Username%\Pictures Read
My Videos %Username%\Pictures Read
Public Videos %Public%\Pictures Read/Write

Click Next to continue the wizard

homegroup default share

Homegroup is a membership based group. All members require a membership password to join the group. This password can obtain from the creator of homegroup. In our network this PC is the creator of homegroup so it will provide membership password to all other computers. Write down the membership password and click Finish.

homegroup default password

We have successfully created Homegroup. In coming articles of series we will explain other features of homegroup such as how to remove homegroup, how to change settings of homegroup, how to join the homegroup etc.