Windows 7 Networking Tutorial

Homegroup is a group of computers those are agreed to share resource between them. Members are free to leave this group any time. They do not require any kind of permission from anyone before leaving the group. In this article we will present a practical example of leaving homegroup.

How to remove computer from homegroup

Click Start button and click Control panel link

start button control panel

Click Choose homegroup and sharing options

homegroup and sharing option

If our computer is the member of Homegroup, above link will list all options to manage it. Click Leave the Homegroup

leave homegroup link

Windows will confirm your action.

Click again Leave the homegroup

leave homegroup option

Now window will take following action.

  • It will close firewall ports for peer to peer grouping services, peer name resolution and name protocol services, and SMB services.
  • It will close all SMB connections.
  • It will remove all Homegroup entries from credential manages.
  • It will delete Homegroup account and Homegroup local security group.
  • It will de-authorize the MAC address and UDN of other members to prevent them from accessing media content of this computer.
  • When we leave homegroup window take above action on PC base not just for the single user who perform this action.

Click Finish to close the wizard

leave homegroup wizard finish

Once we left the group other members cannot access this PC, vice versa we cannot access the shared resources by other members in the network.