Windows 7 Networking Tutorial

Intentionally or accidentally if you have skipped the auto initiated homegroup setup wizard and looking for an alternative method then this is the article where your search ends. In this article we will explain how we can relaunch the homegroup set up wizard from windows explorer. This wizard can be used to setup a new homegroup.

Setup homegroup from Windows Explorer

Open my computer and navigate to Homegroup option from the windows explorer pane. Expending this option will list all member computers if homegroup is exist.

Homegroup option my computer

If this computer does not belong to any homegroup then clicking on this option will launch a new setup homegroup wizard. In our network this is the first homegroup so we are going to get setup homegroup wizard. Click Create a homegroup

Create a homegroup

Windows will automatically share following folders. If you don't want to share any of these folders, uncheck the box. Selected folders will be visible and accessible to other computers of this Homegroup. Click Next.

homegroup default share

Folder Name Path Permission
My Pictures %Username%\Pictures Read
Public Pictures %Public%\Pictures Read/Write
My Music %Username%\Pictures Read
My Videos %Username%\Pictures Read
Public Videos %Public%\Pictures Read/Write

Homegroup is a membership based group. All members require a membership password to join the group. This password can be obtained from the creator of homegroup. In our network this PC is the creator of homegroup so it will provide the membership password to all other computers. Write down the membership password and click Finish.

homegroup default password

We have successfully created the Homegroup from windows explorer. In coming articles of this series we will explain other features of homegroup such as how to remove homegroup, how to change the settings of homegroup, how to join the homegroup etc.