Windows 7 Networking Tutorial

Each new version of Windows makes networking easier. Windows 7 has followed the same footprint of ongoing improvement track by introducing a new feature of networking. This feature is known as homegroup. Homegroup is the most comprehensive features made so far. In this are article we will explain homegroup feature of windows 7.

What is homegroup

Homegroup is a group of computers those are set-up for sharing of resources.


Features of Homegroup

  • All editions of Windows 7 support Homegroup.
  • Low cost editions such as Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home basic cannot create new homegroup. But they can join existing homegroup in network.
  • All regular editions of Windows 7 such as Windows 7 premium, professional, enterprise and ultimate can create, remove or join the homegroup.
  • A membership password is generated during the homegroup creation process.
  • All other users need membership password to join the homegroup.
  • Homegroup requires IPv6 to works.
  • Homegroup can span over the network.
  • Homegroup does not any members limit.
  • Once joined all members have equal rights.
  • Any shared resources will be available for all members.
  • To enhance the security guest user account is not allowed access any shared resources.

Default sharing by Homegroup

Folder Name Path Permission
My Pictures %Username%\Pictures Read
Public Pictures %Public%\Pictures Read/Write
My Music %Username%\Pictures Read
My Videos %Username%\Pictures Read
Public Videos %Public%\Pictures Read/Write

Now we are familiar with the basic features of homegroup. In next articles of this series we will explain these features in detail. First articles explain different ways of setting up the homegroup. Next tutorials present the technics of managing homegroup. Later in this category we will include some real life example of sharing.