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From windows Server 2008 setup process reserves configuration steps for the post-installation process. These pre-deployment options are left for the end of installation to improve efficiency. Administrators can set these as soon as the install completes, which shortens time-to-launch for a fresh server installation.

Post-setup configuration tasks are similar for full installations and for Server Core. On full installations, WS08 will reboot the system once the installation is complete and, after generating the initial profile, will display a wizard: the Initial Configuration Tasks (ICT) Wizard.

Initial Configuration Tasks ICT wizard

This wizard includes three categories of post-installation tasks:

  • Provide computer information
  • Update this server
  • Customize this server

Initial Configuration Task provide following services

  • Provide the computer name and domain
  • Enable updates and feedback
  • Download and installing updates
  • Add core system features
  • Enable the Remote Desktop
  • Configure the Windows Firewall
  • Configure the Event Log
  • Configure devices
  • Rename the administrator account
  • Create a backup administrator account
  • Configure paging file and recovery settings
  • Install administration, support and resource kit tools
  • Install the Windows Recovery Environment

How to launch Initial Configuration Tasks ICT wizard after installation

You could launch ICT wizard anytime after installation if you prefer to configure these option from ICT wizard. To launch ICT wizard type ‘oobe’ in search box and hit enter.

You can configure these options right here. You could configure these option later If you have skipped ICT wizard.