Basic Networking Interview Questions

How to find what program used as default for opening file .xyz ?

In cmd type C:\> assoc .xyz which program will open that .xyz file

How to change settings in command prompt?

The first thing you'll want to do is Start, Run, cmd.exe, then right click the window menu and choose properties. Try the following values for improvement:
Options | Command History | Buffer Size | 400
Options | Command History | Discard Old Duplicates | True
Options | Edit Options | QuickEdit Mode | True
Layout | Screen buffer size | Height | 900
Layout | Window size | Height | 40

How to start DirectX Diagnostic Tool ?

To start the DirectX Diagnostic Tool: 1. Click Start, and then click Run.
In the Open box, type dxdiag and then click OK.

How to determine whether there is an issue with the DNS configuration of your connection to your ISP?

At a command prompt, type ipconfig /all and then press ENTER to display the IP address of your DNS server. If the IP address for your DNS server does not appear, you need contact your ISP.

What do you need to do that your browser will point URL to the internal IP address

Make changes in the hosts file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
The Hosts file is looked at first before going out to the DNS (Domain Name Service) servers. you have to put the following on new lines at the end of hosts file:

What can you suggest to enhance testing process on windows OS?

Put shortcut to notepad.exe in SendTo folder. It is speed up work with different files like hosts, configuration files. Location of this folder is
C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\sendto.
Open it and create shortcut of notpad.exe

What is FTP?

FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol. This is the protocol used for file transfer over the Internet.

How will you make XP home the client of server 2003?

XP home edition is made only for home purpose so we can’t use it as the client. And same rule apply on windows vista editions also.

Where do you take back up from?

Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Backup.
Bedside's it?
If OS support then Select Drive ==> properties ==> back up now

What is router?

Router is a device that is used to connect two different networks.

How will you configure ADS?

Start ==> Run ==> DCPROMO
Start==> Configure your server ==> add/Remove a Role

What is ADS?

A central component of the Windows platform, Active Directory service provides the means to manage the identities and relationships that make up network environments.

What if this wizard (ADS) is not running?

Check the network cable it should be plugged
Check root partition it should be in NTFS
Check IP of server it should be configured statically

How will you add a client to server? /
How’s the client join a domain?
What are the client configurations?

On Server
Configure ADS (for example it’s configured with
On Client
Log in form local administrator account
My Computer ==> Properties ==> Computer Name ==> Change
==>Domain ==> ==> username Administrator (of
Password xxxxxxxxxxx (of admin of
Welcome to ==> Restart the computer

Does it necessary to use administrator account to configure the client?

Not every time but you are required a properly configured user account in domain controller security policy.

ISO stand for?

International standard organization

OSI stand for?

Open System Interconnection

What is full form DHCP and how will you configure it?

Dynamic host configuration protocol

To configure it on Server
Configure your server ==>Add/Remove a role ==>DHCP server ==>complete the wizard
Start ==> Administrative tools ==> DHCP ==>New scope ==> Wizard
Now authorized this server and do activate it
On client
Local area network ==> tcp/ip ==> obtain ip automatically
Obtain DNS automatically