Network administrations

During the first phase of RHCE exam you are asked to install Linux via nfs or ftp or apache server. you will be provided a Linux boot disk and IP address and necessary directory name for installation. You need not to prepare server side on exam but here in this article we will configure both server and client side . We have configured nfs and ftp server for network installation in our pervious article you can check it.

In this practical we will show you How to prepare apache httpd server for network installation and further we will installation linux via apache httpd web server.

RHCE Exam Questions

There is a HTTP server and all required packages are dumped in /var/www/html/rhel5 of that server. Install the Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 by creating following partitions:

 / - 1048 /home - 1028 /boot - 512 /var - 1028 /usr - 2048 swap 2X256 (RAM SIZE) 

prepare Linux server for network installation

For this practical we need two systems one linux server and one client system. These pre quests should be completed on Linux server.

  • Linux server should be configured with hostname and IP address
  • DHCP and HTTP server should be configured and httpd and dhcpd service should be in running status
    service httpd restart

Prepare HTTP server for network installation

By default document root for http server is /var/www/html. So create a directory here with name rhel5 and make the dump of RHEL CD in it and restart the httpd service.

create dump of RHEL disk to /var/www/html/rhel5 and restart httpd service
dump or RHEL
service httpd restart

We have prepared HTTP server for network installation.

Configure Client for network installation via web server

Boot system with Linux boot CD, [ disk will be provided by examiner] Give linux askmethod command on boot prompt
linux askmethod
Select language to English
Select language to English
Select Keyboard layout to US
Select Keyboard layout to US

Select install method HTTP to install via web server

select method to http

At this point you can remove Linux boot disk form CDROM as we installing linux from http server.

Select Enable IPv4 supports and select dynamic ip configuration [ we have configured dhcp server on linux server so ip will be automatically retrieve ]
ip configuration
Give to ip address of web server in website name and rhel5 in directory name
ip address of website
After few second you will retrieve anaconda linux boot loader form server
boot screen retirved from server

Now you can install linux as you have installed it from local CD ROM . All remaining steps are same.

Two time saving technique

During RHCE exam most concern thing is time. So we suggest to create the partition According to the Question because Size and what-what partition should you create at installation time is specified in your question. Do not create any extra partition to save time because any additional partition will take time in formatting.

Due to the time limit, you should care about the installation packages. At Exam time these packages are enough.

  • X-Window System
  • GNOME Desktop
  • (these two packages are generally not required)
  • Administration Tools.
  • System Tools
  • Windows File Server
  • FTP Servers
  • Mail Servers
  • Web Servers
  • Network Servers
  • Editors
  • Text Based Internet
  • Server Configuration Tools
  • Base
  • Printing Supports

When installation will complete, your system will reboot. Jump for another Question