Hi, thanks for showing your interest in knowing more about me and my blog. Like others, I am not a big fond of publicity. I use the pen name ComputerNetworkingNotes to write and publish tutorials on this blog as well as on other tech-blogs and websites.

In 2001, I completed my bachelor's degree in computer science from the MDS University Ajmer. After graduation, I took specialized training in computer networking and acquired CCNA, RHCE and MCSE certifications.

In 2003, I started my career as an instructor. I worked as a trainer for seven years. During this period, I helped thousands of students to obtain their networking certifications. After gaining seven years of experience as an instructor, I started this blog in 2010.

Why did I start this blog?

During my job, like others, I also used the Internet several times to get information. In those days, it was not easy to get information from the Internet. In those days, only limited websites were available in the field of computer networking.

This lack of quality websites inspired me to make an effort. The ComputerNetworkingNotes is the result of the same effort. I created with a single objective and that objective is the following.

To make informative, comprehensive, and straightforward tutorials available for everyone without any restriction and cost.

In a few months of launching, this blog became more popular than I expected. To fulfill the expectation of my loyal and enthusiastic readers, I quit the job in December 2010 and became a full-time blogger. Since then, I have been working as an online trainer and a full-time blogger.


How much experience do you have?

I have over 17 years of experience as an instructor / online trainer / technical writer.

I want some samples of your work?

All the articles in this blog are written by me.

Why is there no registration facility in this blog?

Because it is against the primary purpose of this blog. The blog was created to provide quality tutorials at no cost. All users are free to access any part of this blog without any restrictions.

I want to support this blog, what can I do?

You can share my articles on Facebook.

I want to donate you some money, how can I?

Thank you for your affection and consideration. I do not accept any kind of donation.

Can I advertise my product on this blog?

Sure, you are welcome.

I want to submit a guest post or publish my article on this blog, how can I do this?

Sorry, to maintain the quality of this blog, I do not accept any kind of guest post.

How can I contact you?

You can use my email id ([email protected]), Facebook page, and Twitter handle.

Have more questions or need my help, just mail me. I would be happy to help you.