How to Recover DATA from Pen Drive Step by Step

Learn how to recovery lost data from Pen Drive, USB Flash Drive or Memory card step by step with examples. By following the same steps and using same the utility you can also recover lost data from hard disk.

USB flash drives are typically removable and rewritable, and physically much smaller than an optical disc. USB flash drives have no moving parts. Additionally, they are immune to magnetic interference (unlike floppy disks), and unharmed by surface scratches (unlike CD, DVDs) They are smaller, faster, have thousands of times more capacity, and are more durable and reliable. For these reasons USB flash drive is one of the most widely used device for storage, back-up and data transfer. Just like other storage devices, USB drive is also prone data lost.

To simulate the situation, let’s attach a pen drive to the system


Move some dummy data in it


Delete all files


Suppose that it was an important data and we need it back. We cannot restore it from Recycle bin.


Whenever you delete a file from USB drive operating system actually does not delete file, it only delete file allocation information and set disk space as unused.

Any new data transfer or creation of file in drive will reduce your chance of recovery. You should avoid using flash drive after discovering that you need to recover a file. You have good chance of recovery until this disk space is used by another file.

To recovery deleted files from USB Flash drive download Recuva file recovery software

Recuva is best file recovery software. Its freeware but work like the premium file recovery software.

Recuva is developed and distributed by You can always check and download the latest version of Recuva form their official site.

From there, click the Download button corresponding to the download type you prefer. You can choose between Installer, Portable, or Slim. I personally recommend you use the portable version of Recuva.

Create a folder


Move the zipped file in it and extract


You can set folder location to extract the files


Folder contains both 32 and 64 bit application depending on system from extracted files Launch Recuva application


Recuva provide two mode wizard and advance. First try wizard mode click Next


If you are looking for specific file and know its file type, its good idea to select it here for better and faster recovery. We are going to recover all data so select first option and click Next


Select In specific location option and click browse button and select USB Flash drive


Click Next


That's all information Recuva wizard need to search for deleted file Click on Start


Recuva wizard will scan the USB Flash drive. Depending on size of drive and number of files wizard will take few minutes.

Wizard will return with the list of files which it found


  • Check box :- Allow you to select the files for recovery.
  • File name :- Name of file
  • Path :- Where this file was located before delete
  • Size :- File size
  • Status :- Current condition of file. Excellent have higher chance of recovery while bad or poor have lower chance or recovery.
  • Comment:- Provide details about the file space, whether it has been replace with new file or not. That's why I have suggested you to avoid using flash drive after discovering that you need to recover a file.

Select the files which you need to recover and click Recover button


You need to provide the location for recovery. Do not use the same location from where data was delete. It is better to create a new folder on another location and use it for recovery.


In few minutes wizard will complete the recovery operations. Click Ok


Open the folder which you select for recovery and verify the data


Now you can move this data back to USB Flash drive.

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