Ubuntu 12.04 Tips and Tricks

In this article we will install Komodo Edit in Ubuntu. Komodo edit is developed by ActiveState. ActiveState release two version of Komodo.

  • Komodo Edit [Free edition include all basic features require for development ]
  • Komodo IDE [Professional edition with several advance features such as integrated debugger support, DOM viewer, interactive shells, and source code control integration]

Go on official site of Komodo and download komodo edit for linux.

ubuntu komodo download url

Save file

ubuntu komodo save file

After download complete open the containing folder

ubuntu komodo containing folder

Extract the tar archive

ubuntu komodo extract here

Open terminal and move to the folder which contain extracted folder from archive

You can also extract tar archive from command line. Use following command to extract tar archive from command line

tar -xvzf Komodo-[version]-[platform].tar.gz

Move to the extract folder

ubuntu komodo move to extracted folder

Folder contains installer script. Run following command to make it executable

sudo chmod +x install.sh

ubuntu komodo chmod

To install Komodo edit run following command

sudo ./install.sh

Installation requires root privilege. Authenticate with super user password. Super user is the user which we create during the installation.

You can also change the installation directory. Set it to /opt/komodo when asks.

ubuntu komodo install command

How to run komodo

To use komodo click on Dash home button and search for Komodo. Click on Komodo icon

ubuntu komodo icon