Ubuntu Linux Tutorials

This tutorial explains how to install FileZilla FTP client program in Ubuntu Linux step by step from Ubunut Software center and command line step by step.

Filezilla is the popular ftp client. Best things about Filezilla are its free, open source project, safe, secure, and easy to use.

Install Filezilla from Ubuntu Software center

Open Ubuntu Software center

ubuntu software center

Search for Filezilla

ubuntu install filezilla search

Select Filezilla from search result list and click on install.

ubuntu install filezilla list

Installation requires authentication. Authenticate with super user password. Super user is the user which we create during the installation of Ubuntu.

Wait until installation completed

ubuntu install filezilla installing

Close Software center once installation finished.

ubuntu install filezilla installed

How to update Filezilla with latest version on Ubuntu

Use command line method if above method does not work for you or you want to update the Filezilla with latest version.

Open terminals and run following command to add Filezilla ppa.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/programs-ppa

ubuntu install filezilla add repository

Press enter to confirm

ubuntu install filezilla add repository confirm

Update repository

sudo apt-get update

ubuntu install filezilla update

To install / update with latest version of Filezilla Run following command

sudo apt-get install filezilla
ubuntu install filezilla install

How to use Filezilla in Ubuntu

Click on Dash home button. Type Filezilla in search box and click on Filezilla icon

ubuntu install filezilla icon

In this article we have installed Filezilla.