How to install Gnome Classic Desktop in Ubuntu Linux

Missing Gnome classic desktop environment, here is the step by step instructions to get it back in Ubuntu. Gnome classic is no longer shipped with default Ubuntu installation. Learn how to install Gnome classic in Ubuntu through Ubuntu Software Center and apt-get command step by step.


Unity is only the desktop environment available in the latest Ubuntu. We need to install gnome shell if we want use gnome classic.

We can install Gnome classic from Ubuntu software center and as well as from terminal.

Install Gnome classic from Ubuntu software center

Open software center

ubuntu software center

Search for gnome shell

ubuntu gnome search

Select Gnome-shell from search result list and click on install

ubuntu gnome list

Installation requires authentication. Authenticate with super user password. Super user is the user which we create during the installation.

ubuntu gnome ath

After authentication installation process would be start.

ubuntu gnome runing

Close software center when installation finished.

ubuntu gnome finished

Install Gnome Classic form terminal

If above method does not works try command line methods.

Open terminal and run following command to update repository

ubuntu gnome update

Now run following command to install Gnome classic

ubuntu gnome install

Both methods do same job. After installation we need to restart the system.

xampp reboot

On login screen click on Ubuntu icon

ubuntu gnome login screen

Select Gnome classic

ubuntu gnome classic selected

After login we are back on Gnome classic desktop environment.

ubuntu gnome classic desktop


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