Ubuntu Linux Tutorials

This tutorial explains how to create an Ubuntu bootable USB drive and use it to install Ubuntu Linux from pen drive step by step.

Ubuntu is a most flexible and widely used Linux flavor. In this article I will show you how to make Ubuntu bootable USB disk.

From this bootable USB you can install Ubuntu on any computer / Laptop / Notebook which recognize USB as a boot device.

There are several methods to create bootable USB disk but in this article I will use most easy method.

To make Ubuntu bootable USB disk we need

  • Ubuntu ISO image (You can download IOS image from Ubuntu's official site [ http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop ] in case you do not have it.)
  • Download YUMI Setup (You can check and download the latest version from developer's site. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/)
  • USB drive with minimum 1 GB space.(Make sure you do not have any data in it. It would be format).

Attach USB drive with system and open My computer. Note down the USB drive latter

yumi drive latter

Double click on YUMI setup file

yumi setup file

Accept the license agreement

yumi license agreement

Now we are on main configuration screen of wizard

yumi default screen

  • Select USB Drive
  • Select Format drive
  • Select Ubuntu version
  • Browse and select IOS image file of Ubuntu
  • Click on create

yumi config file

Click on Yes to confirm the action

yumi usb format confirmation

Now wizard will format the pen drive and transfer the IOS image.

yumi copying

Click on next to finish the process

yumi finish

YUMI allow you to add multiple OS. We do not want to add any additional OS. Click on No

yumi add more message

YUMI has taken all necessary actions. Close the main configuration screen

yumi default screen

Remove the USB drive from system. This USB drive is now Ubuntu bootable. Use it to install Ubuntu on any computer which support USB boot device.

Attach this bootable USB drive and select removable device / USB as first boot device from boot menu.

yumi boot menu usb selected

Click on Install Ubuntu on hard disk.

yumi install on hard disk screen

We are on first screen of installation process.

ubuntu installation install ubuntu

From here you can install Ubuntu. For installation steps of Ubuntu check our article
How to install Ubuntu.