Ubuntu Linux Tutorials

This tutorial explains how to install Ubuntu Linux in Virtual Box step by step. Virtual box allows us to use Ubuntu from Windows system.

For this article we assume that you have

  • Window operating system
  • IOS image of Ubuntu (Download from here http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop)
  • Virtual box software (Download from here https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads)

How to install Virtual box in window

Double click on virtual box software

virtual box setup file

Set up file will launch set up wizard. On welcome window click on next

virtual box setup wizard welcome

Select the dentition folder where you want to install virtual box software. Default location is C:/virtualbox. You can change it if needed.

virtual box setup select options

Select the features which you want and click on next.

virtual box setup select options

Remove check mark if you do not want to create short cut on desktop otherwise click on next

virtual box setup create short cut

Wizard will reset the network interface so if you are download / uploading / have running task on internet or network, finish that first and invoke this wizard again. If you do not have any associated task with network click on yes

virtual box setup network interface warning

Click on install

virtual box ready to install

Wait for few minutes

virtual box installing

In few minutes wizard would finish the installation process. Click on finish

virtual box installation complete

How to create virtual machine

We have installed the virtual box software. Now we would create a virtual machine. Click on new button

virtual box main screen

Select Ubuntu from type and version drop down. And fill the name of virtual machine in name field

virtual machine select type

Set the RAM size for virtual machine. If you have 1GB RAM and do not set this more than 512 MB, For 2GB physical RAM do not exceed this value more than 1 GB.

virtual machine memory

Select Create a virtual hard disk now and click on next

virtual machine hard disk

keep default hard disk file type and click on next

virtual machine hard disk type

select fixed size and click on next

virtual machine hard disk size

Select the location where you want to store the virtual hard disk. Make sure selected dentition have equivalent or more free space than the size of virtual hard disk. For example if you have set 8 GB size of virtual hard disk than you must have at least 8 GB free space in partition where you want to store this hard disk. Click on create

virtual machine hard disk file location

Wait till it creates new virtual hard disk in selected folder.

virtual machine hard disk creating

In few minutes wizard would create new virtual machine and redirect back you to main software screen. Click on Ubuntu (Or whatever name you have given to virtual machine) from left panel.

virtual box main screen with os

We do not have any operating system installed in virtual machine so it would prompt us to install OS. Click on folder icon to browse

virtual box select start up disk

Select IOS image of Ubuntu

virtual box select os image

click on start to begun installation process

virtual box selected os

If its your first virtual machine wizard will popup information message for mouse pointer integration. Check mark on Do not show this message again and click on ok.

virtual box mouse message

Repeat same for bit information message. Check mark on Do not show this message again and click on ok.

virtual box bit message

We are on first screen of installation process.

ubuntu installation install ubuntu

From here you can install Ubuntu. For installation steps of Ubuntu check our article
How to install Ubuntu.