Ubuntu Linux Tutorials

This tutorial explains how to install Ubuntu Linux from first screen step by step. All installation steps are explained with screenshot.

Boot system with Ubuntu bootable disk or USB drive.

Select language from left pane and click on Install Ubuntu

ubuntu installation install ubuntu

Wizard will ask you to check available disk space, power supply and internet connectivity. Minimum 4.4 GB disk space is required to install Ubuntu. If you are installing Ubuntu on Laptop without adaptor plugged in supply make sure it has full battery backup. Ubuntu try to install updates during the installation so connect it with internet. You can update it after installation also. If you want to update Ubuntu after installation does not check mark on download updates while installing and on install this third party software.

ubuntu installation preparing to install

Installation wizard will scan the hard disk. Depending on what it detects it will show partition options. Something else options allow us to create partition manually. Select something else

ubuntu installation installation type

If its new hard disk you need to create partition table before creating partition. This only requires if hard disk does not have partition table. Select Hard disk and click on new partition table

ubuntu installation partition screen

Click on continue to partition table message

ubuntu installation partition screen new partition table message

You will get free space option once partition table is created. Select free space and click on Add

ubuntu installation partition screen total free space

In a typical Linux installation 3 partitions [/, boot, home] are required. First create / partition by selecting it from mount point.

ubuntu installation create partition root

From partition table select free space and click on Add again

ubuntu installation partition screen after root partition

select /boot from mount point drop down.

ubuntu installation create partition boot

Select free space again and click on Add. This time select /home from drop down

ubuntu installation create partition home

Now we would create swap area. Swap area work as a temporary location to support RAM.

Select free space and click on Add. This time click on Use as drop down and select swap area

ubuntu installation create partition swap select

We have created necessary partitions. Click on install now

ubuntu installation partition screen with all partition

Now wizard will format the partitions. After format you need to select time zone location

ubuntu installation select location

Now select keyboard layout

ubuntu installation detect keyboard

root account is by default disable in Ubuntu so you have create at least one account. Fill user, password and computer name. Please note that password you entered here would also be used to run su or sudo commands.

ubuntu installation user info

That's all information wizard need from you. Now just relax and wait.

ubuntu installation after all setting running

Once installation is completed wizard will prompt for reboot. Click on reboot now

ubuntu installation complete message

After reboot you will get Ubuntu login screen.

ubuntu installation login screen