How to share Internet in Windows 7 step by step

This tutorial explains how to share internet connection in Windows 7 HomeGroup network step by step with example. Through internet sharing, all HomeGroup member computers can access internet from single internet connection.

If Homegroup is properly configured, sharing internet is a single click task. All we need to do is, select two or three options in Sharing tab from Properties of the network connection which is directly connected with internet, and rest will be done by Homegroup automatically.

For this tutorial I assume that Homegroup is properly setup in network and at least one system is directly connected with Internet.

To learn how to setup Homegroup in network step by step, please see the following tutorial.

Learn how to create and manage Homegroup in Windows 7

Following steps will be performed in the system which is directly connected with internet.

Although we can share an active internet connection but sharing will take effect only at the next time when system connects with internet again.

Following figure shows the notification message which will Windows display when we try to share an active internet connection.

active internet connection alert

If system is connected with internet, disconnect it before sharing.

To disconnect an active connection, click Network icon available in Task bar. It will display all active connections. Click Disconnect to terminate the active connection. Click Open Network and Sharing center.

disconnect active internet connection

Check the state of Homegroup and Internet connection.

Homegroup must be joined and internet connection should be disconnected.

If both are correct, click Change adapter settings

change adapter setting

There are several types of Internet connection such as Wireless internet, Mobile internet, Hotspots internet, Dial-Up internet, Broadband internet, DSL internet and cable internet. Regardless what type of internet connection we have, sharing method is same for all types.

Select the connection which is used to connect with Internet and do right click. In right click context menu click Properties.

modem properties

Switch to Sharing tab. It has three options.

First option is used to share the internet connection while remaining two options are used to control the sharing for example if second option is unchecked, network user will be able to access internet till this system is connected with internet.

Select the first and second option and click Ok

If third option is checked, any user from network will be able to control this connection.

internet sharing

Once shared, a share icon in left side and a Shared text in right side of connection appear.

internet shared

Now connect this system with internet.

connect internet

That’s all setting we have to do to share the internet in Homegroup. No additional setting is required on member computer except selecting network location.

Access internet from a member computer and select the appropriate network location when prompted.

select home network

Click Close.

set network location home

Now we can access internet from any member computer.

access internet from client computer

Network map

Network map is graphical utility to show how the network computers are connected with each other. We can use this utility to figure out how our system is connected with internet.

Click Network icon available in task bar and click Open Network and Sharing Center

taskbar network and sharing

Click See full map

see network map

This will draw a complete map of Internet connection. As we can see in following figure, LaxmiSoftwares2 system is connected with internet through the LaxmiSoftwares1 system.

see full network map windows 7

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