How to Setup Gmail in Outlook Step by step Explained

This tutorial explains how to setup a Gmail account in Outlook. Learn the required IMAP settings to use the Gmail account in the Outlook.

A brief intro of the IMAP

IMAP is a network protocol that provides two-way communication between server and client program. It allows client and server to synchronize the user’s action. Almost all modern email client programs, including Outlook, not only support this protocol but also use it as the default protocol to connect with the server.

Enabling IMAP in Gmail account

Login in from your Gmail account and click the Settings icon available in the top left corner. From the opened popup window, click Settings.

enabling imap in gmail

This will open the Settings window. On the Settings window, click the Forwarding and POP / IMAP tab.

setting windows in gmail

By default IMAP is disabled. Select the Enable IMAP option from the IMAP Access section and click the Save Changes button.

enable email forwarding in gmail

Setting up a Gmail account in Outlook


Setup process is similar in all versions of the Outlook. For demonstration purpose, I will uses three popular versions; Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016.

Access the Outlook.

access gmail in windows

If Outlook is accessed for the first time or no email account is configured, it opens a Startup wizard. This wizard allows us to configure an email account.

Click the Next button.

outlook startup wizard

We can configure the email account directly from this wizard or can launch this wizard again, once the Outlook is loaded.

Select the option No and click the Next button.

discard startup wizard

Since in previous screen we decided not to configure the email account, the wizard warns us that the Outlook needs at least one functional email account to work. To learn how to configure an email account any time from the main screen of the Outlook, let's ignore this warning. Tick the checkbox and click the Finish button.

warning message about no mail account

Once Outlook is loaded, click the menu item File. From the File’ sub-menu, click the option Info. From the Info’ sub-menu, click the option Add Account.

add account option

This will launch the Add Account Setup Wizard.

On the first screen of this wizard, we have to select how we want to setup the email account. We have two options; Auto and Manual.


The difference between both methods is that in Auto method, the wizard automatically detects and configures the server settings, whereas in Manual method, we have to configure these settings manually.

Select the option Manual and click the Next button.

setup email account mail option

On the next screen select the option POP or IMAP.

select imap option

On the next screen, configure the settings as explained below: -

  • Your Name: - Account name or the name which we want to use for this account
  • E-mail Address: - The Gmail account which we want to setup
  • Account Type: - IMAP
  • Incoming mail server: - (For USA account only), (For rest of the world)
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP): - (For USA account only), (For rest of the world)
  • User Name: - Gmail user account name
  • Password: - Gmail user account password

Once these settings are configured, click the More Settings button.

more setting option

In the More Settings window switch to the Outgoing Server tab.

Tick the checkbox “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” and select the option “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”.

setup gmail in outlook settings 1

Now switch to the Advanced tab.

advanced tab

In this tab, adjust the following settings and click the OK button.

  • Incoming (IMAP) server port number: - 993
  • Incoming (IMAP) encryption type: - SSL
  • Outgoing (SMTP) server port number: - 25
  • Outgoing (SMTP) encryption type: - TLS

setup gmail in outlook settings

In order to make sure that everything is configured correctly, wizard tests the configuration before exits. Click the Next button to begin the test.

testing configuration

Although all settings have been configured correctly, yet the Outlook does not connect with the Gmail. It repeatedly prompts us to type the username and password. The annoying thing here is that, it doesn't provide any error or notification that indicates why it does not connect.

testing fail

The reason behind this mysterious behavior is that Gmail considers the Outlook to be a less secure application for login. It blocks all login attempts made from the Outlook. For each attempt, it sends a notification mail to the user.

less secure app message

More information about this feature is available at the following webpage.

less secure app not supported message

To enable login from the Outlook, we have to adjust one more setting.

Access the following web page from the same Gmail account which has been used in the configuration.

turn on less support app

Turn on the option Allow less secure apps.

turn on less secure app support

Once this option is enabled, Outlook can connect with the configured Gmail account.

testing complete

Outlook 2016 may show a security warning about the certificate. If it shows, click Yes to accept the certificate.

certificate warning

Click the Finish button to close the wizard.

gmail account setup finish

Once the account is properly set up, Outlook synchronizes the local folder with the remote folder. Once synchronization is finished, Outlook is ready to use.

account synchronization

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