Windows XP Tutorials

This tutorial explains how to configure NetMeeting in Windows XP step by step with examples including how to access NetMeeting in workgroup network.

NetMeeting is the popular communication software for windows users. NetMeeting allows us to share files, folder, whiteboard, text chat, audio and video over the LAN network, intranet or even over the internet. In short NetMeeting is the complete network conferencing solution for Windows platform.

By default NetMeeting is hidden on Windows XP. We need to configure it before we can use it.

How to enable NetMeeting in Windows XP

Click Start button and click Run

xp run box

In run command box type conf.exe and click OK.

run conf exe

The conf.exe command brings NetMeeting setup wizard. On welcome screen, wizard provides detailed information about uses of NetMeeting. By using NetMeeting we can: -

  • Talk to others
  • Use video to see others and let others see us
  • Share applications and documents with others
  • Collaborate with others in shared applications
  • Send files to others
  • Draw with others in a shared Whiteboard
  • Send messages to others in Chat

Click Next

netmeet welcome screen

NetMeeting needs a default user profile for startup. Fill your user details and click Next.

netmeeting user profile

Select Log on to a directory server when NetMeeting starts and click Next

netmeeting wizard log on directory server

NetMeeting supports any types of network connection. In this tutorial we are using NetMeeting in our workgroup network, so select Local Area Network and click Next.

netmeeting local area connection

Wizard will create a shortcut to NetMeeting on Desktop and Quick Launch bar if we select following options respectively.

Select if you are going to use NetMeeting frequently. Skip if you are going to use NetMeeting rarely. We can access NetMeeting from start menu if we do not select these options here. Make your choice and click Next.

netmeeting setup wizard shortcut option

As we stated earlier in this tutorial, with NetMeeting we can talk with others. For this, wizard will adjust audio settings. Close all other programs that use audio such as media player or any other sound playing application and click Next.

netmeeting audio tuneing

Adjust speakers and headphone volume and click Next.

netmeeting audio tuneing

Adjust microphone volume and click Next

netmeeting audio tuneing speaker

Click Finish to close the setup wizard.

netmeeting wizard finish

How to access NetMeeting in Workgroup

Microsoft directory sever works like a telephone directory. It keeps record of all user profile. It allows us to find a user in network. In a local or workgroup network, we can omit directory server. In this tutorial we will use NetMeeting without directory server.

Instead of directory server we can use IP address in workgroup network to connect with other system via NetMeeting. To know to the IP address of any XP system, follow these steps

Click Start button and click Run. In Run command box type command and press enter

run command

Use ipconfig command to check the system IP address. Following figure illustrates the output of ipconfig command. Use exit command to close the command prompt.


Now we know how to check the IP address of any XP workgroup system. Let’s start NetMeeting.

NetMeeting checks Microsoft Internet Directory server on startup. If it does not find any directory server, it will display following message. Click OK to ignore this message

directory server not found

NetMeeting option Used for
Place call Call someone in network
End call Ends an active call
Find Someone in a Directory Search users in directory
Start video Start a video conference
Adjust Audio volume Adjust speaker volume
Chat Start a chat session
Share program Share application software
Whiteboard Start a shared whiteboard
Transfer files Share files


How to place a call in NetMeeting

Click Place A Call button. Enter IP address of remote computer and select Automatic from drop down and click Call

netmeeting place a call

How to receive a call in NetMeeting

NetMeeting will pop up a notification window for incoming call. Accept the incoming call

netmeeting incoming call

All active connections are visible on main screen.

netmeeting active call

Once connection is established, we can enjoy all NetMeeting goodies with connected person.

That’s all for this tutorial. In next tutorial we will learn remote desktop connection in detail with examples.