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This tutorial explains how to share Internet connection in Windows XP workgroup network step by step with examples using Network setup wizard.

Instead of buying an individual internet connection for each computer in workgroup network, we can buy a single internet connection and share it on all PCs. Internet sharing allows us to use a single connection for all workgroup computers.

For this tutorial I assume that workgroup is properly setup in network. To learn how to setup a workgroup in network, see the following tutorial.

How to setup and join workgroup in Windows XP

Sharing internet connection in workgroup

Sharing via network setup wizard is the easiest way of internet sharing. All you need to do is connect the system with internet when Network setup wizard is run, rest will be done automatically. First window of network setup wizard also indicates the same thing.

xp network setup wizard

No additional settings are required on other computers of workgroup. If workgroup is properly setup, they will connect with internet automatically.

Network setup wizard shares only the available internet connection. It does not share any new internet connection. So either we have a new internet connection or system was not connected with internet while network setup wizard was run, we have to share it manually.

Suppose we get a new dial up internet connection and want to share it in workgroup then we have to follow the following steps.

my network place properties

Sharing dial up internet connection in Windows XP workgroup

Select My Network Places and do right click. From right click context menu click Properties

my network place properties

We cannot share an active internet connection. Disconnect it, if it is connected. Select the dialup connection which you want to share and do right click. From right click context menu click properties

dial up right click select properties

Switch to Sharing tab. We have three options. First option is used to share the internet connection. Remaining two options are used to control the sharing. In a dial up type internet connection if we uncheck the second option, network users will only be able to access the internet until this system is connected with internet. Select option one and two and click Ok.

Third option allows network users to dial up the internet, if it is not connected in host system. Usually we should not allow network users control the internet connection. But if you want it due any reason, select this option.

xp internet sharing option

Once shared, a Shared icon and Shared text will be appeared on this connection.

dial up connection shared

Connect internet on this system.

xp connect with internet

In a workgroup network no additional settings are required on a member computer to access the shared internet. To verify it, switch to any member computer and access the internet.

workgroup client access internet

That’s all for this tutorial. In next tutorial we will learn how to configure NetMeeting in Windows XP.