Windows XP Tutorials

This tutorial explains how to use remote assistance in Windows XP step by step including how to create and send remote assistance invitation file.

No one is geek in the computer world. Everyone needs help sometime. Windows XP makes it easier to get help. It has a feature that allows us to get help form export over the network. This feature is known as Remote assistance and it is based on remote desktop protocol.

Two computers involve in this process; one who is seeking for help and another who is providing help.

For this article I assume that both computers are running Windows XP and have proper network connectivity.

Following setting are required on the computer that is seeking for help.

Select My Computer and do right click. From right click context menu select Properties

my computer properties

Switch to Remote tab.

Select Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from this computer.

Advanced button has the control options for remote assistance. We can configure these options here or later in remote assistance invitation wizard. Click Advanced button.

We have two options here.

Allow this computer to be controlled remotely: -
This option will give full permission to the support person.

Invitations validity time: -
This option allows us to set the validity duration of invitation file. After this duration invitation will be expired.

xp allow remote assistance

How to allow remote assistance through the firewall

Firewall protects system from unauthorized access. We need to allow remote assistance through the firewall before remote support person can access it. Use following steps to configure the firewall: -

Open Control panel and click Security settings

control panel security setting

Click Windows Firewall

xp windows firewall

Move Exceptions tab and select Remote Assistance and click OK.

allow remote assistance through the firewall

That all settings we need before sending a remote assistance invitation.

How to send remote assistance invitation

Click start button and click Help and Support

help and support menu item xp

Click Invite a friend to connect to your computer with Remote Assistance from Ask for assistance category.

remote assistance inviate a firend

Windows provides us three options to send the invitation; windows messenger, outlook express and user defined. Third option allows us to save the invitation in a file. Select it

remote invitiation send option

Fill the name from which you want to send the invitation. You can also change the expiry time of invitation here.

remote assistance file name

Select Require the recipient to use a password and set a complex password. Don't uncheck this option otherwise it will make this system accessible to anyone who has access to this invitation file.

remote assistance set password

Save the invitation file

remote assistance save file

Wizard has done its part. For our reference it also provides location for invitation file.

remote assistance invitation file path

Now it is our responsibility to send this invitation file to the expert computer. We can use any method for this. We can email this file to the expert or we can use USB drive to transfer the file. Even more we can use shared folder to send this file. Select any method which you preferred.

In this tutorial, we used sharing method. In our lab, expert computer belongs to our workgroup network. So we put this invitation file in a folder that is shared from expert computer.

How to offer remote assistance in windows XP

Expert needs invitation to offer the remote assistance. In our example we have an invitation.

Open it.

remote assistance inivitation file

This file password protected. Get password from its creator and supply it here

remote assistance file open

Creator receives following permission window. If he clicks Yes, remote session will be established between both computers.

remote assistance connection message

By default read only session will be opened between computers where expert can view the client screen and assist him by text chat. If required, support can be extended. Tool bar of remote assistance has options for it.

  • Take control: - Allow expert to take the full control of client computer.
  • Send a file: - Allow file sharing between both computers.
  • Start Talking: - Allow voice communication.
  • Settings: - Allow us to change the default program settings
  • Disconnect: - Terminate the session

remote assistance

That’s all for this tutorial. In next tutorial we will lean another topic in detail.