Windows XP Tutorials

This tutorial explains how to enable, configure and access remote desktop in Windows XP step by step with examples including how to create an administrator account.

With remote desktop we can connect to a computer running windows XP from another computer running windows XP. Remote desktop allows us to access our computer remotely. Once connected, we can access all programs, files, and other resources of our computer just like we are sitting in front of our computer.

Preparing for Remote Desktop connection

Remote desktop needs following preparation before it can be accessed from remote computer: -

  • Remote computer must be turned on.
  • Proper network connection must be established between both computers.
  • Remote desktop connection must be enabled on remote computer.
  • We must have a permission to connect with remote computer.
  • Remote desktop connection must be allowed through the firewall.
  • User account that is going to access remote computer must have password.

How to enable Remote desktop connection in windows XP

Remote desktop connection must be enabled before it can accept connections from other computers.

Use following steps to enable or disable the remote desktop connection: -

Open Control panel and click Add or Remove programs. From open window click Add/Remove Windows Components and select Internet Information Services (IIS) and click Details.

remote desktop enable in windows xp

Select World Wide Web Service [step 1] from sub pop up window of IIS and click Details button [step 2]. Select Remote Desktop Web Connection [step 3] and click twice [step 4 & 5] to close the sub windows of IIS. Click Next [step 6].

If you are running this wizard first time, it may ask for Windows XP disk. If it is asked, Insert Windows XP disk in optical drive and click OK.

In few seconds wizard will install Remote Desktop connection in Windows XP. Click Finish to close the wizard.

how to enable remote desktop in windows xp

How to disable Remote Desktop in Windows XP

Repeat the same steps which we took in enabling it, but this time unchecks the Remote Desktop Web Connection from sub window of IIS.

Whenever we enable or disable Remote Desktop Connection a system restart is required. Reboot the system.

restart the xp

How to install Remote Desktop Connection in Windows XP Home edition

Remote desktop connection is only available in pro editions such as XP professional. But it can be installed in other lower editions also such as XP home edition.

In following steps we will install Remote desktop connection in XP home edition.

Insert CD of Windows XP professional edition in CD drive. Open My Computer and select CD drive. Do right click and select Auto play.

xp cd auto play

Click Perform additional tasks

perform additional task

Click Set up Remote Desktop Connection

setup remote desktop conenction

Click Next

set up remote desktop in xp home welcome

Accept License Agreement and click Next

set up remote desktop in xp home license agreement

Fill user details and select Anyone who uses this computer (all users). This will install Remote Desktop connection for all users. Select Only for me option if you want to limit the remote desktop connection with this user account only. After making decision click Next.

set up remote desktop in xp home user detail

Click Install

set up remote desktop in xp home install

Click Finish to close the wizard.

set up remote desktop in xp home finish

Remote desktop is installed. Remove XP professional CD from drive and restart the system.

How to allow remote desktop connection through the firewall

Firewall protects system from unauthorized access. By default remote desktop connection are not allowed through the firewall. Use following steps to configure the firewall: -

Open Control panel and click Security settings

xp control panel security center

Click Windows Firewall

xp control panel windows firewall

Switch to Exceptions tab and select Remote Desktop and click OK.

allow remote desktop through firewall

Only computer administrator accounts can connect with system through the remote desktop. So our next step is to create an administrator account.

How to create an administrator account in Windows XP

Open Control panel and click User Accounts

xp user account

Click Create a new account

xp create new user account

Type account name and click Next

xp user account name

Select Computer administrator for account type

xp user account type

Window will create new account and list it with existing accounts. Selecting our user account will list all its related tasks. Click Create a password

xp user account create password

Set new password and password hits in related fields and click Create Password.

xp create password for user accont

By default Windows XP do not allow remote desktop connection. In next section we will configure windows XP to allow remote desktop connection.

How to allow remote desktop in Windows XP

Select My Computer and do right click. From right click context menu select Properties

my computer properties

Select Allow users to connect remotely to this computer and click Select Remote Users

xp system properties

Click Add button [step 1] and from open sub window click Advanced button [step 2]. It will open another sub window. Click Find Now [step 3] that will list all user accounts. Select user account [step 4] that is going to use for remote desktop and click OK [step 5].

xp remote desktop select user

Click OK twice to close the sub windows. Click OK to close system properties.

xp select remote user

We need IP address of this computer to access it from network.

Click Start button and click Run. In Run command box type command and click OK.

command xp

Use ipconfig command to find the IP address of this system.

ipconfig windows xp

So far in this article we have done all necessary settings in Windows XP to accept remote desktop connection. In next section we will access this system from other computer of network. Before you move on another computer make sure both computers have proper network connectivity. For this article I assume that other computer is connected with this computer.

How to use remote desktop in windows XP

Click Start button and click Run menu item. It will open run command box. In run command box type mstsc and click OK.

run mstsc

Type the IP address of remote computer and click Connect

xp connect remote desktop

If remote computer is currently being used, it will display following warning message. If we click Yes, it will logged off the current user in remote computer. Click Yes

remote user session message

Authenticate yourself with the user account that has permission to access this computer remotely. We have created a separate user account for this purpose use that to authenticate.

remote desktop user authentication

Enjoy the goodies of remote desktop connection. You can use this system exactly in the same way as you are setting in front of your physical system.

xp remote desktop active connection

Don't worry about your physical system it will be automatically locked and remain in that state until you are using it remotely on another computer.

xp remote desktop locked screen

If you unlock the windows on physical system, it will disconnect the remote session.

xp remote session end

Remote desktop allows only a single user session.

That’s all for this tutorial. In next tutorial we will learn how to configure and use remote assistance.