Wireless networking on Cisco Router

We have covered all CCNA exam topics in our wireless networking section. As its new topic in CCNA exam so you have very little chance to get simulated base question on wireless networking. Still we recommended you to get familiar with some basic wireless configuration.

Step by Step guides For wireless configuration

Download this topology and load it in packet tracer

Download File
wireless network

In this topology we have three pc connected with Linksys Wireless routers.

  • DHCP is configured and enabled on Wireless router
  • IP pool for DHCP is to
  • PC are configured to receive IP from DHCP Server
  • No security is configured
  • Default SSID is configured to Default
  • Topology is working on infrastructure mode
  • Default user name and password is admin
  • IP of wireless is set to

Now your task is to:-

  • Configure Static IP on PC and Wireless Router
  • Change SSID to MotherNetwork
  • Change IP address of router to and of PC0 of PC1 of PC2
  • Secure your network by configuring WAP key on Router
  • Connect PC by using WAP key

To complete these tasks follow this step by step guide of how to configure wireless network

As given in question our network is running on network and all PC's are DHCP clients and functioning properly. So we will first connect to Wireless router to off DHCP.

Double click on PC and select Web Browser. As given in question IP of Wireless router is so give it in Web browser and press enter, now it will ask for authentication which is also given in question. Give user name admin and Password to admin

connecting wireless device

This will bring GUI mode of Wireless router. Scroll down screen to Network Step and Select Disable DHCP
wireless disable dhcp

Go in end of page and click on Save setting this will save setting click on continue for further setting
configure wireless device

Now select Administration from top Manu and change password to test and go in the end of page and Click on Save Setting
wireless device set password

Click on continue for further setting. This time it will ask you to authenticate again give new password test this time
wireless set password

Now click on wireless tab and set default SSID to MotherNetwork
wireless ssid

Now Select wireless security and change Security Mode to WEP
configure wireless security

Set Key1 to 0123456789

Again go in the end of page and Click on Save Setting

Now we have completed all given task on Wireless router. Now configure the static IP on all three PC's

Double click on pc select Desktop tab click on IP configuration select Static IP and set IP as given below



Subnet Mask

Default Gateway




Now it's time to connect PC's from Wireless router. To do so click PC select Desktop click on PC Wireless

wireless devices

Click on connect tab and click on Refresh button
wireless connect

As you can see in image that Wireless device is accessing MotherNetwork on CH 6 and signal strength is 100%. In left side you can see that WEP security is configured in network. Click on connect button to connect MotherNetwork

It will ask for WAP key insert 0123456789 and click connect
wireless key
It will connect you with wireless router.

As you can see in image below that system is connected. And PCI card is active.
wireless pc connected
Repeat same process on PC1 and PC2.