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Gmail is the most widely used Email service. At the time of writing this tutorial Gmail has 400 million active users worldwide. In this tutorial we will configure Gmail account in outlook express.

Outlook express is a default email client program in Windows XP. It allows us to store, send and receive email from local system.

Gmail settings for Outlook Express

Open your Gmail account and click setting icon. From opened popup window click Settings.

gmail setting icon

Gmail supports two different protocols for email clients; POP3 and IMAP.

In this tutorial we will use POP3 protocol to configure the outlook.

Switch to Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and select Enable POP for all mail from POP Download section. This option allows us to download all emails in outlook including those stored in inbox folder.

If you want to download only emails that arrive after this setting, select second option Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on.

By default POP is configured to delete emails from server once they get downloaded in email clients. We can override this behavior by keeping a copy of emails in inbox folder of Gmail. Select Keep Gmail's copy in the Inbox.

Click Save Changes.

gmail eable forwarding pop icmp

That's all settings we need in sever side. In next section we will configure this account in outlook express.

Setup Gmail account in Outlook Express

Click Start button and click Outlook Express

start button outlook express

Click Tools and click Accounts

outlook tools accounts

Switch to Mail tab and click Add button from right pane. Click Mail from sub menu of Add button.

outlook add new account

Type your Gmail address and click Next

outlook setup email address

Select POP3 as incoming mail server. Use follow settings for POP3 and SMTP server.

POP3 Server: - pop.gmail.com

SMTP Server: - smtp.gmail.com

gmail setting for outlook pop3

Type your Gmail account name and password. Also select Remember password to avoid filling same information each time when you connect from server.

outlook setup gmail account name password

Click Finish to close the wizard.

outlook setup finish

We need to adjust few more settings before it can retrieve emails from server. Click Accounts from Tools sub menu item. Switch to Mail tab and select the account that we have created in above section. Click Properties from right sub menu.

outlook mail account properties optoin

Switch to Servers tab and select My server requires authentication

outlook mail setting with gmail account

Switch to Advanced tab and select This server requires a secure connection (SSL) for both incoming and outing mails. Set port number to 465 for SMTP and 995 for POP3. Click OK to save the change.

gmail setting in outlook express

That's all setting we need in outlook express. Now we can access all emails of this account locally. Click Send/Receive button to sync account with server.

outlook express send recevie mails

We have successfully retrieved emails from Gmail account. Let's run one more test. Create a test mail and send it to your other email account.

outlook send test mail

Check your other email account

outlook test mail received

We have successfully configured Gmail account in outlook express.