XP Networking Tutorials

Troubleshooting a network issue was never an easy task. It requires technical skills and diagnostic approach. In this article we will explain most common workgroup network problems with screen shot.

Use this step by step guide to fix your workgroup network issues.

Step by step guide for troubleshooting Windows XP workgroup network

Step 1: - Check network connectivity

Every workgroup computer accesses network through the NIC [Network interface card]. It must be installed, properly configured and connected to network. In a standard desktop computer NIC has visible lights. These lights must stay green for good connectivity. A blinking green light indicates functionally connectivity. If you are using a hub or switch make sure indicating lights of that also remain green.

network card led working

Step 2: - Check necessary components for workgroup networking

Four network components are necessary for workgroup networking.

  1. Working network adapter
  2. Client for Microsoft Networks
  3. File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
  4. Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Make sure these are available in the properties of local area connection.

necessary component for workgroup networking

Step 3: - Check IP configurations

All workgroup computers are required to use same IP network unless you are using a router for packet switching. Usually routers are not used in home network. If router is not used, make sure all computers belong to same IP network. Windows Xp supports basically two types of IP configuration; manual and automatic. Use same IP configuration on all computers.

ip configuration workgroup network

Step 4: - Use correct naming scheme for computer name and workgroup name

  • To avoid conflict between computers we must use different computer name on each system.
  • To keep all computers in same network we must use same workgroup name on all systems.

workgroup name computer name

Step 5: - Check firewall

Firewall protects system from unauthorized access. Either configure it properly or disable it completely in workgroup network. Unless you are connecting with external network there is no need of firewall in home network. You can safely turn off firewall on the network adapter that is connecting computer with the workgroup network.

local area connection firewalled

Step 6: - Run Network Setup Wizard on every computer of the network

Once you have completed above five steps, run network setup wizard on all computers of network. That will do all necessary settings automatically.

network setup wizard

I hope above steps will help you in finding and fixing the network problem.