Sample Resume Objectives Examples and Statements

Searching for a sample resume objective statement or looking for a customizable example resume objective to build a descriptive resume objective, here is the list of top 200 sample resume objective statements and examples.


Regardless how perfectly you fit in applied job position if your resume objective can not capture the recruiter’s attention, you will never get an interview call from HR manager to explain why you are the perfect match for that particular requirement. To grab the recruiter’s attention, your resume objective should be descriptive. It should reflect your qualification, skills and experience.

This article provides top 200 sample resume objective statements and examples. Browse through the entire list and select the resume objective which conveys your job objective effectively.

Sample Resume Objective Statements

Looking a Network Administrator position in leading IT company to enhance my technical skills and upgrade my professional knowledge.

Seeking a responsible career where my abilities can be highly utilized in a growth oriented and professional environment.

To achieve organizational goals and reach the pinnacle of success in sprit of team work by utilizing my educational background and skills.

In today's world, competition has reached its peak. It is not easy to stabilize ourselves in this neck-cut competition. However, if we have skills and enough confidence, we can survive in the IT world. For that, I will enhance my skills and make myself capable in this field.

To work in an organization that can utilize my skills in Computer Hardware and Networking.

A challenging and rewarding Linux Administrator position within IT sector where prior experience, personal ability, and a commitment to professionalism would be of value. Position should allow for continued personal and professional growth commensurate with achievements.

To take up a challenging career and grows with honesty, loyalty, good relationship and best performance and translate my experience, knowledge, skills and abilities into value for an organization.

To participate as a team member in a dynamic work environment focused on promoting business growth by providing superior value and service.

To obtain a responsible career in life where I could optimally utilized my education qualification as well as gained professional experience for making significant contribution in a progressive and dynamic organization.

To be part of a reputed organization which provides a steady career growth along with job satisfaction, challenges and give value contribution in the success of the organization.

To utilize my knowledge coupled with experience to convert organizational goals in to reality while ensuring a steady growth for self.

To reach the highest echelons in an organization with hard work, dedication and constant endeavor to perform better and give results.

To get a job that can provide challenges. I believe that I would be the most effective in organization that trust me with responsibility and provides opportunity to learn and grow.

Seeking a position in IT sector that harness analytical interpersonal skills, strong troubleshooting knowledge in computer networking, professional knowledge and capabilities of working in pressure.

To obtain a remarkable position in computer hardware and networking that allows me to contribute my services in the growth of organization.

To continuously strive for higher achievement in life and establish myself as a perfect and accept challenging work and contribute forward the success of esteem organization by hard work and acquired skills.


I want to succeed in a stimulating and challenging environment that will provide me with advancement opportunities.

Looking for a challenging position in IT Company where I can use my capabilities and learn everything which contributes in the growth of organization.

To obtain a position that challenges me and provides me the opportunity to reach my full potential professionally and personally utilizing my abilities and years of experience in your organization that is progressive intellectually and technically and one in which practices collaborative leadership, integrity and honesty.

Seeking a responsible and challenging position with a turbulent and dynamic organization which offers opportunities for personal and professional development and where I can best utilize my knowledge and skills.

I would like to be flourishing as a Network technician. I have all technical skills as well as a positive approach which will lead me to success in any deal. In future I would like to grasp more and more knowledge about this field which will give me name and fame in the related field. I will update my knowledge every time and use it for the progress of the company.

To pursue a highly rewarding career, seeking for a job in web hosting company where I can utilize my skills & knowledge efficiently for organizational growth.

To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence and earn a job which provides me job satisfaction and self-development and help me to achieve personal as well as organization goals.

I want to excel in computer hardware and networking field with hard work, perseverance and dedication.

A challenging and stimulating pursuit in a reputed organization, where I can best utilize my skills and strengths to accomplish the organization’s goals and objectives and at the same time get an opportunity to expand my own knowledge base.

I am organized and enjoy working with people have an attitude for learning quickly. I enjoy challenges and look forward to the learning opportunity offered by my next co-op work team.

Seeking for an enduring professional career with full commitment and result oriented approach in IT industry.

To seek a challenging career in IT sector that offers an opportunity to move in organizational hierarchy with continuous learning & growth.

To be an astute learner and the best performer in an organization, so I can build an innovative career in esteemed organization by using my skills and other significant talents.

Make entry in an organization or company on a responsible position and achieve the goals that are set by the organization.

To work in a challenging and competitive environment, that provides a vision to analyze situations and people, to prove my potential.

To secure a position with a stable and profitable organization, where I can be a member of a team and utilize my 3+ years’ experience to the fullest.

To work in a progressive organization that incorporates varied spectrums of work & diversity, this endows consistency, competency & expertise in professional as well as social spheres, enabling collective excellence and technical growth, personal fulfillment with welcome attitude for new ideas and concepts to enhance the overall growth of the organization.

Seeking a career in Networking & related systems in a challenging environment that provides me the opportunity to bring out the best in me.

To achieve high carrier growth through a continuous learning process and keep myself dynamic, visionary and competitive with the changing scenario of the world.

To obtain an entry-level position within an organization that offers security and professional growth and requires strong analytical and technical skills.

To gain employment with a company or institution that offers me a consistently positive atmosphere to learn new technologies and implement them for the betterment of the business.

To work for the organization that can give a better boosting and prospect to my career and dedicate all my initiatives for the best presentation for which I present my candidature.

Sample Resume Objective Examples

sample resume objectives statements and examples

To serve the organization to achieve excellence for the organization and self with total dedication, devotion and dynamism so as to grow with the organization and enhance my skill and abilities.

To be associated with a progressive organization that provides an opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills in order to keep abreast with latest trends and technologies.

To work with an organization which provides me an opportunity to grow as a professional as well as an individual and where my potentials can completely utilized to serve the organizational goal.

To obtain a position of responsibility that utilizes my skill and keen to work in any environment where I can enrich my knowledge.


To contribute my knowledge, skill and abilities with full devotion for the betterment of organization.

To deliver my best by anticipating and meeting the challenges arising in the contemporary competitive business environment and if provided an opportunity, will try my level best to satisfy superiors in rightful discharging my duties.

To work with best of my abilities and skills in order to benefit my organization to be better than other in this competitive time and obtains an influential position in that organization.

To achieve the heights in the field of System Administrator coupled with information technology through my best performance, knowledge, ability, adaptability and sincerity. I believe in facing the challenges in the present scenario of globalization.

To work in a company where I can utilize my skills and gain further experience while enhancing the company’s productivity and reputation.

To be an accomplishing professional, contributing towards attainment of organization objectives individual goal than will provide a challenging avenue to contribute to a company’s adherence to stipulated time schedule.

Looking for a challenging career which carries responsibilities and offer growth in organization hierarchy.

Committed and experienced System Administrator with outstanding troubleshooting and creative thinking ability. Aiming to utilize my experience in effectively satisfying the responsibilities of Network administrator Assistant at your company.

To work in a company that promotes quality products and services; and provides the opportunity to meet and exceed assigned sales goals.

To secure a challenging position where I can effectively contribute my skills as Software Professional, possessing competent Technical skills.

To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence and earn a job which provides me job satisfaction and self-development and help me in achieving personal as well as organizational goals.

A spring for a position in organization where I can implement my skills and Knowledge to the best in my conjunction with company goal and objective.

To build a career with leading corporate having committed and dedicated people whom I will work with all my potential and enhance my skills.

To utilize skills and troubleshooting abilities and experience in computer networking field as a Network administrator.

To join an academic organization and serve it with excellence while learning new technologies for proactive role, challenging tasks and positive contributions.

To utilize my professional qualification and technical skills in accomplishing the toughest assigned task in the easiest possible ways.

To get a full time position in an environment that offers greater challenges, increased benefits for my family and an opportunity to achieve higher position in company based on productivity.

To build a progressive career in IT sector by using my inner strengths, professional skills and creative thinking to gain future exposure and experiences.

A growth oriented profile in a company where my skill knowledge is effectively used for the success of the organization.

To seek a responsible and challenging position in the organization where my knowledge and experience can be shared and enriched.

To work in professionally managed organization for pragmatic growth, and to implement my knowledge for the development of the organization.

I would like to serve inside an association in which I would acquire opportunity to make the most of my effectiveness with the aim of growth of the company as well as my quickness & ability.

I am seeking a competitive and challenging environment where I can serve organization and establish a career for myself.

Seeking challenging career in IT sector to get a position of responsibility, using my skills and efficiency to communicate my ideas & views and commit myself for achieving organizational objectives with the team effort and my positive attitude and performance.

To apply for a position where my skills can be developed and used effectively. I wish to refine my knowledge in the area of Cisco Device Administration.

To work as a key player in challenging and creative environment by utilizing my skills and abilities for professional growth.

Enthusiastically work for an organization for its development and enhance my own skills and knowledge.

To achieve continuous progress on both professional and personal fronts through all round skills with emphasis on assigned targets.

To serve and contribute to an organization that provides me an opportunity to integrate my interpersonal skill and give me a platform to learn and grow within.

Seeking employment in System Administrator/ Network Administrator position but would enjoy discussing other available positions for which I am qualified.

To be part of an esteemed organization providing new horizons and congenial working atmosphere where I can grow and contribute with my skills and traits, thereby leading to an optimistic relationship.

Want to work in rapidly growing organization with a dynamic environment to lives age to achieve goal of organization with my best efforts.

I would like to work in an organization where my skills will get an opportunity to flourish. I always believe in values of teamwork.

To give my best in my professional pursuit for over all benefit and growth of the company that I serve by facing challenges. I will show my caliber & gain some experience.

To be a part of managed organization. Making plan I wish to have a long term mutually beneficial relationship with organization where I can learn as well as contribute towards betterment of my organization and society.

To establish a path of career growth to begin as a sales executive to the decision making position through my domain expertise gained through the experience and to use my skills effectively and efficiently in the success of the organization.

Self-motivated with proven leadership and organizational skills, seeking a team leader position in Software Company where I can apply my abilities to fill the internship role in company and utilize my 3 years’ experience in achieving company’s organizational goal.

To be a part of dynamic, progressive and career-oriented organization that allows me to contribute a visionary global perspective by display leadership & integrity in growing and learning environment.

I am seeking employment with a company where I can grow professionally and personally.

To work with an organization that creates an ideal condition for delivering high quality services. To associate with an organization that offers a congenial environment for growth.

To be an optimum resource for an organization by utilizing my ability to dedicate myself to responsibilities assigned me for the growth of organization.

To work in a healthy, innovative and challenging environment extracting the best out of me, which is conducive to learn and grow at professional as well as personal level thereby directing my future endeavors as an asset to the organization.

I am seeking position in a prominent and rapidly expanding company which gives me an opportunity to grow with it.

I aspire to excel in my profession and contribute towards the growth of a multifunctional organization resulting increase in profits of the stakeholders both as an organization and an individual.

To get a support engineer position in leading web hosting company that provides innovative work environment and regular career growth based on feedback from customer.

To be a part of dynamic environment that allows harmonize personal goal with organizational goal and have scope of future growth.

To seek a career in an organization that provides motivation, ambiance, upward mobility and exposure to innovative technologies.

To work with the organization providing dynamically stimulating environment as well as offering opportunities and challenges for further development.

To work in an environment that provides more avenues in the fields of Computer Hardware & Networking.

To utilize my consultative selling approach coupled with the energy as an individual contributor with minimal supervision and experience as Chief Sales Execute.

To be involved in work where I can utilize my skills and creatively involved with the system that effectively contributes to the growth of organization.

To work with full dedication for the attainment of company objectives under a meaningful job content given promising advancement opportunities.

To pursue a highly rewarding career, seeking for a job in challenging and healthy work environment where I can utilize my skills and knowledge efficiently for organizational growth.

To obtain a Lab Technician / Desktop Support Engineer position with an opportunity to System Administrator position.

To secure a responsible career opportunity, where I can fully utilize my Cisco training and troubleshooting skills, while making a significant contribution to the success of my employer.

To work in an organization that helps me accomplishing my goal of becoming a successful Network Administrator.

To secure a challenging and regarding position in IT company by utilizing my strong technical, analytical and team building skills.

To work in an environment that provides more avenues in the fields of computer Hardware and Networking.

To enhance my working capacities, professional skills and business efficiencies by serving my organization in the best possible way with sheer determination and commitment.

To work in a progressive organization that can expand all my knowledge and provided me exciting opportunities to utilize my skills and qualification to produce result fidelity.

I would like to work in such an organization where I can utilize my knowledge & skill for progress of the company as well as make my career.

To work with an organization where my creativity improves with challenging job & set personal benchmark qualify for higher levels of responsibility within the company.

To gain long term employment with a company that that puts value on people and the products they are manufacturing. Honestly I am looking to call this company my family.

To enter in a challenging career position that provides an opportunity for upward mobility and increased responsibility based upon performance.

To acquire new technologies and climb the corporate ladder honestly with hard work.

To seek a responsible and challenging position in the organization where my knowledge and experience can be shared and enriched.

To work in a globally competitive environment on challenging assignments that shall yield the twin benefits of the job satisfaction and a steady paced professional growth.

I will always try to use my skills like honesty, devotion towards my job, punctuality etc. I will discuss my ideology with my superiors.

As a fresher, I will learn various processes form my job and implement them to do my job more proficiently.

To work in a challenging environment that provides generous opportunities for learning in the field of Computer Hardware/Networking.

To be a part of an organization that provides an atmosphere of mutual growth and benefits.

Seeking a position in leading organization as an assistance manger and continue my education in the management field by obtaining the experience as Asst. Manager.

To work in a challenging environment that provides generous opportunities for learning in the field of Computer Networking.

To utilize my knowledge and skills in the organization that I join as part of the team, where I can learn and contribute for mutual growth.

Obtain a management, analyst or consulting position in the web hosting IT Company.

To obtain an administrative position, in which I am given the opportunity to play a direct role in the unlimited growth and success of the company.

To secure a position as a IT professional in order to utilize my network troubleshooting skills with accuracy and efficiency while maintaining a motivated, productive and goal oriented environment for the entire team.

To work in an organization that provides optimum opportunity to utilize my talent and skills as Linux Administrator.

To get full time employment in an organization that provides challenging and stimulating environment for professional growth.

To obtain a resourceful, innovative and flexible position in IT sector that offers professional growth and have scope to enhance my technical skills.

To achieve best possible results by making all possible effort with innovative knowledge and technical skills while keeping honesty and punctuality at higher priority. My career should be a means to make my life purposeful. I want to make an indelible and distinct place for myself by effective application of my life skills in an ethical manner.

To utilize the abilities that developed through my professional education and experience in a challenging position that offers promotion based on performance and customer feedback.

With the belief “There is always a better way of doing things” I would like to work on a challenging position that is responsible to solve the technical problems and have a wider scope for troubleshooting workaround.

To pursue a career in financial sector that has scope for potential growth and offer promotion based on feedback.

To come out with best potential and contribution in organizational objective that in term will help me in achieving personal goal and enlistment.

To get a frontier position in IT sector to utilize my technical knowledge and intellectual ability to deal with critical situations.

To emerge as a successful sales executive in an organization by utilizing my skills, competencies and abilities in achieving assigned targets.

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