This tutorial explains how to display or set the date, time, and time zone on Ubuntu Linux. Learn how to change or sync the system time and the hardware time manually.
This tutorial explains how to use the info and pinfo commands in Linux. Learn what the Texinfo pages are and how they are organized and how they are read by the info and pinfo commands.
This tutorial explains how to back up the Cisco IOS from the running router and how to restore the Cisco IOS image file from the TFTP server using the ROMMON mode of the router.
This tutorial describes the procedure of installing and upgrading Cisco IOS software. Learn how to install or upgrade Cisco IOS software in detail with examples.
This tutorial explains the most common twisted-pair network cable testing and crimping tools in detail. Learn the tools that you can use to crimp and test twisted-pair network cables.
This tutorial explains the basic functions, operations, and characteristics of a computer. Learn the four major functions of a computer through diagrams and examples.
This tutorial explains how to enable IP forwarding in Linux. Learn how to use a Linux system as the router in detail through the practical example.
This tutorial explains how to configure an IP address in Linux. Learn how to use the nmcli, nmtui and nm-connection-editor in detail with practical examples.