System administrations

In this article from our series of RHCE exam guide we will learn how to remove root password.

Example Question :-

You are new System Administrator and from now you are going to handle the system and your main task is Network monitoring, Backup and Restore. But you donot know the root password. Change the root password to redhat.

To remove root password in linux follow this guide

When System Successfully boot, it will ask for username and password. But you don't know the root's password. To change the root password you need to boot the system into single user mode. You can pass the kernel arguments from the boot loader.

Reboot system with alt + ctrl + del key combinations
Press space bar on boot loader screen

remove root password
This will drop you in OS selection screen
Select linux (If you have multibooting then select linux)

remove root password
From grub boot loader screen select kernel parameter line and press e
remove root password in linux

In kernel editing mode press space bar and write s in the end of line just after the rhgb quiet and press enter key that will bring in grub bootloader screen
remove root password
On grub boot loader screen press b remove root password in linux

This change will tell to boot system in single user mode.
After loading essential modal kernel will drop in rescue mode with root prompt
remove root password

now run passwd command to reset root password
and init 5 command to run system in graphic mode or you can just reboot system to on its default run level
remove root password