How to Configure VNC Server in Linux

This tutorial explains how to configure VNC Server and VNC client in Linux step by step with examples. VNC Server and Client are used to share and access desktop from remote system for troubleshooting. Learn how to share Desktop through VNC Server and access shared Desktop from VNC Client in detail.

VNC server is a used to share desktop with remote computer. VNC works on client server architecture. To share desktop you need vnc-server package and to access from other computers you need vnc-viewer. In this tutorials I will show you how to configure vnc server.

For demonstration purpose we will use two linux systems. Both systems should have graphics installed.

To configure VNC- Server

Boot system in init 5 or graphic mode. vnc-server rpm is required to configure server check it if not found install it.


now click on preferences from system and select remote desktop


This will launch a new window where you can set sharing and security for remote desktop

set password on server

Allow other users to view your desktop check this option if you to present your desktop on other computer

Allow other users to control your desktop Check this options if you want to grant permission to control user desktop to other user

In security tab you can set password for the user who want to connect with server [Recommended]

Configure Linux client

Go on client system and ping server. vnc-viewer rpm is required to configure clients

vnc viewer

check it and if not found install

Now select accessories from application menu and click on vnc viewer

vnc viewer

this will launch a window Give vnc server ip in it and click on ok

give ip in vnc vieawer

Once connected it will ask for password Give the password which you set on server

enter password in vnc

On server side it will show a pop up and ask for permission click on allow

grant permission

After getting permission from server side you can use server desktop on client side

use server desktop

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